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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Restraint / Crash Barrier - 50mph

Tested and Approved to BS EN1317- N1 50Mph (80KMph)Crash Test

One piece moulded Crash Barrier - no added sections

New to the Road Safety Industry, Oaklands Plastics have produced a capable Barrier System that on impact will bring an errant vehicle to a controlled stop yet it is easier to transport and better looking than concrete barriers.


  • Ease of Load/Unload
  • Wide design fork lift slots for ease of visibility by driver
  • Quick secure pin hinge and support plates assemble for speed of set up
  • Can be water filled during assembly
  • Easily deployed and handled by your own workforce

Deployed with ease the RB22 Barrier System is locked together in the centre with a steel pin formation and for added strength two flat steel plates are easily screw fitted making the RB22 a strong and versatile Barrier to withstand impacts from errant vehicles.


  • Fully tested system by TRL to BS EN1317 - N1 50 Mph test
  • Tested free standing - no permanent fixings
  • Up to 200 metres per load
  • One piece moulding - no added sections
  • Assembled with limited parts - no need for heaving tooling
  • Securely stackable through design for transport or storage
  • Wide fork lift slots at base
  • On any impact if Barrier not punctured/damaged removal from site will not be required

MIRA Wind Speed Test Results

1 x RB22 Barrier (water filled to fill line) withstood wind speeds of up to 78mph (max speed). No barrier failed at the given speed.

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