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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Grit Bins

Strong and durable rotationally moulded plastic grit bins

Heavy duty with a rigid structure in a range of sizes and colour options

Oaklands range of Grit / Salt bins are produced from prime UV stabilised polyethylene, giving you a durable yet rigid heavy duty product which is corrosion proof, weather proof and able to withstand the common winter elements.

Our wide range of Grit Bins cover six capacity sizes with seven design types available, all are designed to be fully stackable to their given size and are fork lift able from base for ease of transport and storage. All designs have a double skinned lid for increased rigidity and strength; lids are fully hinged to the base with a full length hinge rod to ensure there are no weaknesses on a joint. The full range have been designed with the same unique shape, enabling grit to be removed from them with ease yet be able to sit in position on a roadside, car park or private premises and not infringe the walkway of pedestrians or vehicles.

All of our Grit Bin range have GRIT-SALT moulded into the front of each base but can be produced with plain front should no text be required. Most Bins are produced in the distinctive yellow but also can be produced in other key colours should a requirement be needed. A hasp and staple lock can also be fitted for security if required.


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